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About Me

My story with Hypnotherapy began when I was very ill with unexplained function disorders that disabled my ability to walk and work, and was resistant to traditional treatments. After being referred to a Hypnotherapist Dr Butler, by a sympathetic NHS Consultant, my improved health and outlook through this method sparked my curiosity in hypnotherapy and I trained under Dr Butler, in Clinical Hypnotherapy with a special focus in dental and surgical analgesia. 

The results with clients were impressive, and as like all people, they responded differently to the variety of techniques I offered, I continued my specialist trainings. My desire to offer the best possible treatment solution to each client, led me to further train and certify in Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy, NLP, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Gestalt, and physical support including EFT, TRE and Somatic Therapy. Depending on your problem, I create a custom treatment protocol specific to you. You can read is a little more info here about my approach.

My practice is client centred, non-judgemental, and solution focussed, which means that I tailor our work to your unique needs and experience. 

I appreciate the interconnected nature of our inner system, the levels of mind, body and energy) and system dynamics of our outer world and place in it.

I am an IFS Practitioner trained by the IFS Institute, which deepened my practice of parts work, along with my wonder for its profound impact. More and more IFS is taking a lead in my client work. I am also a Certified TRE Provider, a somatic practice, delivering 1 to1 and group neurogenic tremouring classes, and also EFT Tapping and Vagus Nerve Support.

In addition to my Hypnotherapy & IFS practice, I am a trained I-ACT Mental Health Manager

I am a lifelong student of ancient healing traditions and their use of trance, connection, release. The wonderful Yogic sleep, Nidra for example. I am initiated into Level 2 of Prana Nadi, sometimes called Tibetan Reiki, an ancient life process support.


I also specialise in working with BFRB’s (as a referred TLC Foundation BFRB Therapist), and have specialised in phobia’s, anxiety, smoking addictions, psychosomatic illness, chronic pain relief, sleep, creativity and women’s health.

My work and writing has been featured in national and international publication’s and news outlets, and I have written for wonderful well-being platforms such as mindbodygreen and chopra. I love to share on topics including creativity, systems thinking approaches to society healing, and human potential.

I undertake Continued Professional Development, and am fully Insured internationally.

I am a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register GHR, EFT International, TRE For All, and IFS Institute.

​Selected trainings:

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Certificate in Medical Hypnotherapy

  • CBT Hypno

  • NLP Master Certification

  • TRE Practitioner Certification

  • EFT Practitioner level 1&2

  • I-Act Mental Health Manager

  • Suicide Prevention - Alliance

  • Safeguarding and Wellbeing Facilitator

  • IFS Practitioner Level 1

  • Yoga Nidra Practitioner

  • PranaNadi Level 1

  • Wordweaving Certification

  • Vagus Nerve Practitioner

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Professional Bodies

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