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Overcome Anxiety & Phobias with Hypnotherapy

Is your anxiety stopping you from living your life to its full potential? You’re not alone. Anxiety, social anxiety and phobias can be exhausting, causing worry, fear and dread. I work with people who know their fear is irrational but don't yet know how to control it. The danger feels very real and they need help in changing their mindset and physical responses.


With a blend of hypnotherapy, NLP and IFS coaching techniques, phobia hypnotherapy helps toto identify the root cause of my client’s anxiety and fears so that they can feel safe, calm and in control.


Are you struggling with social anxiety, social anxiety or a phobia?

  • Intense fear and panic?

  • Feel dizzy or nauseous?

  • Self conscious, blushing and embarrassed by your fear?

  • Feel helpless or out of control?

  • Irrational and avoidant behaviours?

  • Anxious meeting strangers and starting conversations?

  • Avoid social activities or worry about them beforehand?

  • Fear of embarrassing yourself?

  • Fear of rejection?

  • Feel less than everyone else?

  • Difficulty breathing / trembling / shaking?

  • Tightness in chest?

Contact me to book a session and start taking control of this today. 

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