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BFRB Hypnotherapy
Skin picking / Hair pulling / Nail biting 

Is hair pulling, skin picking or nail baiting affecting your quality of life? You are not alone. This repetitive behaviour can lead to low self esteem, anxiety and shame. It can destroy your confidence and leave you feeling out of control. Perhaps you’ve already tried CBT or other therapies to manage it but are still struggling to stop this unwanted behaviour and would like help from a different approach.

For many people, these behaviours bring relief from a growing tension within the body. Using a blend of hypnotherapy, nervous system support and NLP techniques to get to the root cause, I can help you replace this tension with comfort, so that your urge to pull, pick or bite is eliminated.


Are you experiencing a BFRB?

  • An intense urge to pull or pick and your hair or body?

  • Followed by a short-lived relief?

  • Self conscious?

This Program is a referred Therapy Provider by the TLC Foundation, the BFRB charity.

Contact me today to book an appointment to start managing this BFRB once and for all.

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